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NEET - Chemistry SSC
NEET - Chemistry SSC
NEET - Chemistry SSC

NEET - Chemistry SSC

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NEET Chemistry is one of the most important pillars of NEET and therefore its preparation needs a lot of efforts and hence TG Chemistry course has been defined and created to take care of the same.

In NEET, Chemistry is one of three sections and is generally considered to be the most difficult subject among all the three because of the organic chemistry questions and even the most scoring of all the three subjects as the questions are direct and straight forward. Further, in NEET, it needs the least amount of time to solve as compared to the other two subjects and is also quite independent as compared to Physics and Mathematics which are quite related and dependent on each other.

The Chemistry portion of NEET can be divided into broadly three sections, namely:

  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry
  3. Organic Chemistry

The Physical Chemistry part of NEET is the easiest part among all three portions and the questions generally involve the direct application of formulae. The TG Self Study Course has been prepared with a special emphasis on chapters like Electro Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Kinetics and all, with more importance towards the numerical aspects along with the application of concepts.

The Inorganic Chemistry part can be mastered with the help of the NCERT textbook along with the TG Self Study Course. The TG Self Study Course has been prepared by giving extra emphasis on charts and mind maps for the qualitative analysis and an extra bit of attention to the topics and chapters of Inorganic Chemistry like d & f block elements and Co-ordination compounds.

Organic Chemistry is one of the most important and scoring portions of NEET Chemistry and keeping in view of the same, the TG Self Study Course gives a special emphasis on mastering the General Organic Chemistry (G.O.C) part. Since there have been quite a few questions from the last few chapters like Biomolecules, Polymers, and Chemistry in Everyday life, these chapters have also been included in the TG Self Study Course.

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